Your very own Robocop

20 April 2016

Burglar alarms that will address intruders by name, indelible sprays and personal drones that follow criminals are just some of the ways we will secure our homes in 2025. These are the findings from a new report released by Futurizon.

According to our survey of 2000 homeowners in Britain, people today feel more uneasy in their own homes than ever before with only four out of ten people feeling safe behind their own locked doors. One in ten believe their home is at greater risk today than it was only five years ago and almost 19 percent said they would prefer having a system that monitors their home around-the-clock.

Luckily, help is at hand when it comes to peace of mind. New technologies in the home security department are rapidly evolving to give home owners more management and control of their systems – a trend that’s set to continue.

Taking this trend head on, ADT has just launched its state-of–the- art smart home technology product, ADT Smart Home, to bring homeowners peace of mind by monitoring their homes and personal possessions remotely. New ADT Smart Home system allows the homeowners to manage their alarm systems and view what is happing inside their home, from wherever they might be – home or away, ensuring that everyone is safe and sound.

Using a smartphone, tablet or PC, the new ADT Smart Home app is the first that combines round-the-clock professional monitoring and smart home features such as setting your alarm on and off, live footage from inside homes and the ability to switch lights.

Whether it is checking the kids have arrived home from school, that an elderly relative is safe or that the family pet isn’t causing havoc, homeowners can control and view it all from a smartphone, tablet or PC

In the new Future of Home Security report, advances in smart home technologies are expected to continue. Even the physical lock & key looks set to change. Why opt for something that can be picked when you could encase a lock inaccessibly within a door frame and have entrance controlled by biometric facial recognition cameras? Video doorbells linking to smartphones could allow owners to talk to visitors or open doors from anywhere. This has another advantage too - cloud storage of video and photos provide excellent evidence.

If an intruder should make his way past the entrance the experience of burgling a house can be made as unpleasant as possible. Bright strobing LEDs and low frequency sound could cause all kinds of disorientation and discomfort for the intruder. Couple that with directional sound delivering personalised warnings to burglars that they are being recorded and the authorities are aware – even addressing them by name if they are known criminals – so the whole experience becomes a nightmarish prospect!

Should the intruder make it through all the lights and noise they could find themselves being chased down by a whirring drone. Drones can take pictures from high and track people for the authorities. They could even spray chemical identifiers onto burglars or vehicles.

Ultimately all of this advancement in home security technology will lead to a reduction in property related crimes. Would be burglars will be far less eager to break into a home if they face being sprayed with ink and chased by drones. Burglary would become a sure fire way to hearing your rights read out to you.

Security is set to become increasingly complex with better networks and the need for remote access and control. Naturally, this will present challenges and potential risks. It is more important than ever to have friendly and competent security companies who can help make the most of all the new opportunities without compromising our personal and home security.

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