Fire & smoke detection for business

Fire detection not only protects your business and saves lives, but neglecting your fire safety responsibilities could lead to fines and even imprisonment. Our fire detection and alarm system is the most advanced on the market, working 24/7 to protect your business. We use industry-leading technology to offer reliable early detection of all fire types, coupled to false and unwanted alarm immunity resulting in saving life, not disrupting your business unnecessarily and ensuring that real fires are responded to quickly.

Reduce false and unwanted alarms

To prevent system failure or false alarms, we use the latest detection technology and advanced algorithms to recognise and ignore sources of unwanted alarms, such as cigarette smoke.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection

With the ability to measure CO, smoke and heat, our sensors can act as both fire and toxic gas detectors.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection

Leading-edge fire detection

ADT fire solutions are the most advanced available today, ensuring reliable early detection of all fire types.

24/7 fire alarm monitoring

When your ADT alarm is activated – day or night – a signal is sent to our Alarm Monitoring Centre, and always responded to. This is especially important when premises are unoccupied, as that’s when 67% of fires happen.

Emergency response

All our fire detection alarms are fully monitored and in the event of an activation we will notify the keyholders and the fire service.

Monitoring & Maintenance

​With ADT as your security partner, you can relax knowing your business is always being looked after. Our experts can monitor your security system around the clock, and our remote diagnosis and fast, responsive maintenance and service support ensures it’s always working efficiently, saving you time, money and worry. Benefits of monitoring

Integrated Products

Intruder alarm systems

​An intruder alarm system is the first line of defence to protecting every aspect of your business, from premises, stock and equipment to systems, data and even reputation.


​Using leading-edge video surveillance technology, our CCTV products give you the added security of knowing that nothing goes unseen in and around your business premises.

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