Protect your home while you’re on holiday

12 August 2014

Summer’s here, and at ADT we thought there was no better time to make sure you had everything you need to keep your home safe while you’re away.

During the summer months we often want to escape to warmer climates, but this means leaving your home unattended for a period of time. Our home not only contains our possessions, but it’s somewhere we feel safe. When leaving it unattended we want to be assured that we’ll return to our home and belongings just as we left them.

Make home security a part of your holiday prep routine

Whether you’re heading abroad for a week or two, or taking a weekend break a little closer to home, it’s important to make sure home security stays at the top of your list and becomes part of your holiday prep routine.

With so much to remember, that can be tough. So we’ve put together a handy checklist to help you along the way.

Practical reminders as well as home security tips

We’ve included a mix of things to remember for your holiday – so you won’t arrive at the airport and realise you’ve forgotten your passport, or arrive at your destination and realise you’ve forgotten to move expensive items out of view from potential thieves.

We’ve also added a feature that allows you to set a reminder for your holiday in your calendar, or add a note through Evernote. Trust us, we won’t let you forget to prep for that holiday! So why not download our summer checklist and enjoy a happy holiday where you can kick back, relax and take it easy?

We’ll provide a sneak peek by giving you one of our top security tips for when you’re going on holiday:

Be discreet – Don’t give too much information away about your holiday on social networks. You never know who’s reading and what they’ll do if they find out no one’s home.

Be discreet

For more of our top tips, head over to the ADT site.

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