Just how much could leaving your business at risk cost you?

20 January 2016

Small and medium-sized businesses are pivotal to the UK economy. Millions of you each year put your time, money and dedication into not only getting businesses off the ground, but keeping them running and making them a success.

But if you aren’t fully protected from fire, theft and burglary you’re leaving your business at risk. The business disruption that these events cause don’t just lead to short-term pain, but potentially long-term ruin. Here at ADT we understand just how big the cost can be to businesses both financially and emotionally.

Give yourself peace of mind

The emotional distress of crime can take a real toll on your business. 69% of those targeted said they were effected emotionally, 33% of victims feared they would be targeted again and 66% considered theft and burglary a real threat to the future of their business. This kind of stress can have a big impact on both productivity and morale.

Can you afford to go without a business security system?

Crime and fire also have a huge financial impact on businesses in the UK, costing on average £3,000 per incident. And that’s not including the time lost which could be spent on generating business – 58% of business owners reported that following an incident of fire, theft or burglary they lost valuable time that could have been spent on bringing in new business.

On average a business has to close for two days due to a theft, four days due to a burglary and a total of five days after fire or vandalism. And, over its lifespan, a single business being repeatedly targeted by criminals, on average, can face up to four incidents of burglary and 20 incidents of burglary and 7 incidents of staff theft.

When you add this up over the average lifetime of a business, it equals a huge £13,570 loss from burglary and an even bigger £22,367 loss from theft. This amount of money can have big implications, meaning you really can’t afford to go without an adequate business security system.

To find out more about the cost and long-term implications crime can have on your business, see all the statistics laid out in our handy infographic.

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