Don’t let garage and shed security be an afterthought

1 July 2014

With summer now upon us, it’s a good time to start thinking about garden and shed security. Outbuildings in particular often take second place to securing your home, despite the fact that they can not only contain valuable equipment, but also tools that can be used to break into your home.

At ADT we’re committed to keeping your home and property safe, and to help ensure your gardens and outbuildings are protected, here are some simple tips to follow.

Invest in secure locks

Always make sure that sheds and garages are fitted with secure locks.

  • Lock your garage and shed after each use
  • Choose the best quality locks you can afford, such as sturdy padlocks or padbolts.
  • Secure shed doors and door hinges with coach bolts or non-returnable screws
  • Fit secure locks to all external garage doors, including integral doors which access your house

Secure your property outside as well as in

There are plenty of security measures you can put in place around your property to stop a potential burglar reaching your home.

  • Fit motion-activated lighting which can deter a would-be thief
  • Install gravel pathways to prevent a silent approach to your property
  • Put prickly hedging around the perimeter of your garden which will make access to your property more difficult

Keep an eye on valuable items

You should avoid storing very valuable items in your outbuildings or leaving them lying around.

  • Keep items such as power tools and golf clubs inside your home or in a secure garage
  • Don’t leave items such as sharp tools, ladders or gardening equipment lying around as these can be used to gain access to your property

Extend your alarm system

You can protect valuable items in outbuildings and garages with an alarm system.

  • Extend your existing home alarm system to cover your garage
  • A standalone solution is to fit a good quality battery operated alarm to your outbuilding

Some other practical ideas

  • Chain items such as bikes and lawnmowers to each other or a strong anchor point
  • Mark expensive property, such as gardening equipment or power tools, to make it less attractive to burglars
  • Mark your property to allow stolen goods to be easily identified
  • Make sure your household insurance covers your shed and garage contents

Take a good look around your garage and shed, it probably contains a lot more than you realise. The chances are there are items you’ve not used for years and wouldn’t consider buying again, but which could come in really handy at some point in the future.

It’s important to keep your items and home safe, therefore we advise that you follow the tips above to make sure you don’t lose out.

An ADT Home Protection Consultant will be happy to come to your home and recommend the perfect security solution based on your property and circumstances.

To arrange a visit just call 0800 144 4499