Our anti burglary campaign gets underway

24 July 2015

As part of our Take No More campaign in partnership with Victim Support, we’re seeking to raise attention of the scale of repeat burglaries. Our Freedom of Information request to 43 police forces asked them to provide the number of repeat burglaries occurring in their constabulary between 2008 and 2013. Of the 43 police forces, 25 responded to the request.

The figures show that there is a strong possibility of people being repeat victims, with nearly 100,000 burglaries recorded at happening at an address that has been burgled before.

Northamptonshire had the highest repeat burglary rate during 2008 to 2013, with nearly one in three (30.3 per cent) burglaries happening in premises that had already been targeted at least twice before.

Derbyshire and Gloucestershire also had a high proportion of repeat burglaries, with one in four (26.6 per cent) and more than one in five (22.08 per cent) respectively of all addresses burgled.

One address in Bedfordshire was burgled nine times; five other premises were broken into six times; and 22 more were burgled five times.

Police forces across the country comment on the shocking burglary figures with repeated raids:

Essex Police is determined to continue driving down these offences and bring those responsible to justice.” – An Essex Police Spokesperson

Thames Valley Police offers advice for all homeowners and works to reduce burglary offences year on year. Domestic burglary is a distressing and devastating crime that can have a significant impact on the family. It can take a long time to come to terms with the loss of personal possessions as well as the loss of confidence that a stranger has been in your home. Many burglaries are opportunist thieves looking for homes or business premises that offer them the least risk of getting caught. The majority of burglaries can be prevented by taking simple security measures.” Spokesperson for Thames Valley Police

“We offer advice to people who have been the victim of burglary, including tips on how they can improve their home security. We also put people in touch with Victim Support so they can access their services.” - A Derbyshire Police spokeswoman

“Repeat burglaries will most often be carried out by the same offenders returning to the scenes of their crimes. Or an address maybe reportedly targeted if it is seen as an easy picking, because it hasn’t got an alarm, or it is easy to see there is nobody at home or property is repeatedly left on view.”- Detective Inspector Steve Whittaker, South Yorkshire Police’s crime manager for Sheffield. ​

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