A decade of security tech later

Over the past decade, technology has evolved beyond recognition in every single sector. So, as we swipe, tap and snap our way into 2020 we’ve been looking back at security innovations and how they’ve made our life easier.

Here’s our round-up of the great security technology that’s made our world a safer place:

Smart apps

Apps were invented long before the last decade - with simple games like Snake gracing the thumbnail-size screens of our Nokia 3310s. But the App Store officially launched in July 2008, meaning there was more than enough demand for a centralised hub as we rolled into 2010.

It’s hard to pinpoint the very first smart home app, but it’s easy to see the impact they’ve had on our lives. Millions of people have downloaded apps that give them the power to see what’s going on at home, no matter where they are.

Our revolutionary ADT Smart Home app launched back in 2016. With us stating that it: “marks the security firm’s commitment to providing its customers with the most advanced security and its vision for the future protection of the ‘digital home’”. * Today it’s used by thousands, giving them complete control of their home security whenever, wherever they are.


From apps to alerts. Originally given to us by Blackberry back in 2003 as push notifications, they were made mainstream by Steve Jobs on the iPhone iOS 3. Google then took it further, introducing a revamped version of this technology to its Chrome browser in 2013.**

But they now serve a purpose far beyond simply notifying us of communication or app interaction. They help us react quickly to security issues, making sure our homes are protected when we can’t be there.

On the best smart security apps, this notification technology will marry up with motion sensors to make sure you’re informed of any intruders on your property perimeter right away.

Smart lights

Originally created to reduce energy bills, smart lights started as simple timer plugs similar to a heating system. You could set your lights to come on and go off at certain times. So, you never had to worry about forgetting to switch them off.

Over the past decade this tech has been revolutionised so it can be controlled remotely. Apps let you turn your lights on wherever you are, making it look like you’re home to any intruders who may be passing by.

Video doorbells

Electric doorbells were invented back in 1831 by American scientist Joseph Henry***. The basic design and technology has been the same for centuries, until the last decade.

Security companies saw the opportunity to combine several technologies: video, two-way audio, smart phones and the electric doorbell itself. And so, the video doorbell was born.

These handy little devices let you view video and hear audio through your smart phone, wherever you are. You can then chat to the person as if you’re home, so any unwanted visitors turn tail. Most, including ours, will even automatically record video so you can use it as evidence if you did get broken into.

Whatever people say about technology taking over the planet, security applications show us that it’s a force for good too. From ADT Smart Home to our new Video Doorbell, we’re helping people stay safe on their terms.

Here’s to the innovations 2020 and beyond will bring, watch this space.


** https://vwo.com/blog/history-of-push-notifications/

*** https://signalscv.com/2019/03/the-rise-of-the-video-doorbell-old-age-technology-becomes-new-age-crime-deterrent/

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