ADT Garda Response- Power Master 30

We have produced a range of videos that provide you with step by step instructions on how to use your system. So whether you want a refresher on setting/un-setting your system or you want your property protected at night but don’t want to set the alarm off if you get up for a glass of water we have a video for that. We even have a video for changing and adding codes and fobs as well as showing you how to temporally disable a particular area in your home- great if the dog’s in the kitchen.

Smoke detectors

You’re four times more likely to die in a fire if there’s no working smoke detector. Our monitored smoke detectors identify smoke early so we can quickly contact you and the fire service – whether you’re at home or not.

CCTV systems

When protecting your home and family, ADT high-definition security cameras mean there’s no place to hide.

An ADT Home Protection Consultant will be happy to come to your home and recommend the perfect security solution based on your property and circumstances.

To arrange a visit just call 0800 144 4499