Business CCTV scenarios

Our range of CCTV cameras are sophisticated and intelligent, and can be seamlessly integrated with other aspects of your business security to provide a comprehensive solution you can always rely on.

Have eyes everywhere

If your business has multiple entry points, our CCTV systems let you keep an eye on every one of them. You can set your system so that, when your alarm is activated or deactivated, the corresponding security camera focuses itself on the point of entry to capture all the action.

See, hear and be heard

Our cameras enable you to not only see what’s happening across your business, but also interact. Set your system to send notifications when someone enters a room or area of your premises. Then, when the camera moves to see what’s happening, you can talk to people on the other end and hear them.

Look out for your staff

The right CCTV camera system can even help you meet your duty of care to staff. You can set a scenario that activates once the alarm is set, so you can look out for the last person to leave. It works with a pan, tilt and zoom camera controlled by a remote operator. The camera views the employee on the journey to their car, or until they leave your premises and are out of sight.

Know exactly what dangers you face

In the event of an emergency, surveillance cameras give you sight of exactly what you’re facing. When a smoke alarm is sounded, security cameras let you not only see whether it’s a false alarm or not, but also view the size and scale of the danger. If you have an integrated access control system, you can even help move people to safety while isolating the fire.

Scheduling with holidays

If you’re on holiday, you can make smart use of the storage on your recorder by setting up recording schedules to automatically change motion detection settings based on the time of the day, and the day of the week.

Service & maintenance

​With ADT as your security partner, you can relax knowing your business is always being looked after. Our experts can monitor your security system around the clock, and our remote diagnosis and fast, responsive maintenance and service support ensures it’s always working efficiently, saving you time, money and worry. Benefits of monitoring

Upgrades & security packages

ADT Smart Business

Have even greater control over your business security with our new smart alarm. Enjoy the convenience of our app, enabling you to define notifications and set, unset or reset your alarm remotely. You can even turn lights on/off and check whose outside or inside your business when you are not. It’s security with certainty.

Integrated products

Fire prevention

​Don’t give fire a chance to devastate your business. Our fire and smoke alarms offer reliable early detection that gives you time to save your staff and your most valuable business assets.

Access control

Do you know who’s in your premises at any given time? Access control lets you identify unauthorised visitors and manage staff access, even when you can’t be there to do it yourself.​

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