Om Sai jewellers fights intruder crime thanks to ADT Fire & Security

Om Sai Jewellers, a boutique retailer in Hounslow, is no exception to the threat of opportunistic and calculated crime. If the business was to fall victim to an intruder violation, the impact on staff morale, insurance premiums, profits and overall business continuity would be severe. This is especially true given that the business is a small independent retailer which relies on being able to open its doors every day to maintain customer momentum.

The company was recently subjected to an intruder attack which was capable of severely impacting the balance sheets and livelihood of the business. Any event of this nature puts security technology to the test, and in this instance, Om Sai’s intruder alarm installation protected the business from three assailants attempting to break in.

ADT’s intruder expertise helps raise business’ resiliency levels

To ensure Om Sai had a robust set of security weapons in its arsenal, ADT collaborated with security partner, Bandit

UK. ADT works closely with Bandit UK to provide and install its innovative intruder prevention technology, Fog Bandit. The Fog Bandit system was installed by ADT in Om Sai Jewellers as part of its overall intruder strategy, together with CCTV and monitored intruder solutions. With this three-pronged approach to security, Om Sai is able to mitigate risks and react appropriately to acts of criminality against the business.

The Fog Bandit system works by projecting a 6-meter impenetrable, yet harmless, fog to impede vision and disorientate thieves and intruders – all within two seconds. The fog rapidly screens assets and valuables making break-ins and theft a both challenging and daunting prospect.

When staff members became aware of the criminals in store, they immediately initiated the high-speed security system using their personal attack alarms, which are linked to the monitored intruder system supplied by ADT. This triggered the Fog Bandit technology to screen display cabinets and the shop entrance, forcing the raiders to retreat back towards the front door and flee empty handed. This swift process neutralized the threat before it could develop and minimized asset loss and risk or trauma to staff and customers, ensuring the ordeal was over as quickly as it had started.

Om Sai Jewellers was thrilled with the effectiveness and response of its security system. “We’re really thankful that ADT deployed such a reliable security set-up in our store. The solution did a perfect job of protecting our business, livelihoods and customers and the situation was over in such a short space of time. The thieves left with absolutely nothing; our stock and property remained completely unscathed,” commented Mr Sham Karwal, owner of Om Sai Jewellers.

ADT’s ongoing commitment to excellent customer service

Om Sai Jewellers is an excellent example of how ADT’s growing intruder portfolio is benefiting customers in immeasurable ways. ADT continues to work closely with its partners and customers to provide customized security solutions to help protect businesses and reduce risk to staff in the event of intruder crime.

Peter Stanton, Product Marketing Manager, ADT Fire & Security UK, said; “Jewellers face the constant risk of attempted theft and burglary of high value assets. ADT works closely with its customers to diffuse risks via tailored security solutions that safeguard both employees and stock. ADT prides itself on providing innovative and groundbreaking technologies, such as the Fog Bandit System, to our customers.”

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