Regulatory / Insurance Compliance

You rely on your fire and security systems to safeguard your most valuable assets, so you will want to work with a fire and security company you can trust.  ADT’s high level of customer care, training, management and technical performance are endorsed by industry accreditations from the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) and Fire Industry Association of Ireland (FIAI).  We are regularly assessed by these industry bodies to ensure we are maintaining a distinguished level of expertise and are adhering to the latest standards and regulations.

Insurance and regulatory compliance

The Business Impact

Investing in equipment or security companies that do not comply with the proper industry standards could result in serious long-term consequences for your store operations. Equipment may be sub-standard or not installed correctly, causing false alarm activations or breakdowns that require constant attention. Your system might fail to perform in an emergency, leaving you without an early warning of a fire or intruder. Without accreditation your system may not be eligible for an automatic response from the garda or fire service and may not be able to even open your stores for customers. In the worst instances, your system could prove to be unsafe and might even cause an electrical fault or fire. In contrast, systems that comply with the latest regulations offer you an assurance of dependability and can help to drive down the cost of your insurance premiums.

ADT's Solutions for Regulatory and Insurance Compliance

ADT is a EN-9001 Quality Assurance standard company, which means all of ADT’s products and services meet the highest levels of Irish and European standards, giving you confidence that your fire and security solution will be safe and reliable. Our team of consultants provide a strong base of experience and industry knowledge and remain up to date with the latest regulations. Whether designing, installing, monitoring or maintaining your systems, you can be sure of a professional approach from ADT.

ADT’s intruder alarm systems are fully compliant with European standard EN50131

Help protect people and property with a fully compliant monitored fire alarm

A fully compliant video surveillance system will ensure you’re meeting the requirements of the Data Protection Act – a requirement for all CCTV systems used in public spaces

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