A complete overview of ADT fire and security solutions for retail.

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Breadth of Solutions

  • Loss Prevention Systems

    ADT's anti-theft systems help deter and detect shoplifting with visible pedestals or concealed systems located at store entrances and exits. High value merchandise is electronically protected with reusable hard tags or disposable labels that triggers an alarm if not deactivated at the point-of-sale.

  • Intruder Detection

    ADT's Alarm Monitoring Centres operate 24/7 to receive your alarm signal in the event of any intruder or unauthorised entry and ADT's highly-trained monitoring professionals respond immediately with the appropriate actions contacting specified keyholders and emergency services.

  • Access Control

    Access control systems provide a range of technical solutions. These systems allow the free flow of authorised people, help prevent the loss of stock, personal possession and business assets while increasing the safety of employees and protecting sensitive information.

  • Remote Video Monitoring

    ADT solutions include CCTV systems that record when triggered by movement and alert ADT’s 24-hour Monitoring Centre. Trained operators then inspect the video footage and act accordingly. Out of hours store deliveries can be also be monitored by ADT operators without the need for on-site security or personnel.

  • Business Intelligence Tools

    Sensormatic® Analytics provides easy to use intelligence reports on store operations to help minimise shrinkage and improve operational performance.

  • Store Traffic Management

    People counting systems that monitor the volume and flow of customers throughout the store enable retailers to optimise staff resources and improve customer throughput time at checkouts.

  • Fire & Life Safety Protection

    ADT offers a full range of fire and carbon monoxide detection solutions to identify any threat throughout the store's facilties including warehouses. Monitored fire alarms and infrared flame detection devices coupled with smoke and heat sensors help protect your facilities from fire damage.

  • Retail Video Analytics

    This ADT solution allows retailers to analyse live video and make immediate, intelligent decisions based on motion detection or other defined trigger events. This includes solutions to enable identification, logging, and monitoring of employee and customer theft.

  • Source Tagging

    Source tagging enables protected products to reach the retail floor quickly, and allows more open and creative merchandising.

  • Integrated Security Solutions

    Integration of security, loss prevention and fire solutions such as EAS, access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, alarm monitoring, fire detection, people counting, RFID and business intelligence systems.

From Basic Solutions

  • Electronic Anti Shoplifting detectors attack customer theft by protecting merchandise and deterring would be thieves.
  • CCTV provides store/back room/warehouse surveillance to assist security personnel maintain a customer friendly environment.
  • 24 hour fire detection and monitoring offers peace of mind and protection for premises and assets.
  • Intruder alarm monitoring ensures the store premises are protected during the hours of closure.

To Complex Solutions

  • Remote service capability enhancing return on investment through reduced service costs
  • Remote video surveillance enables off site monitoring of several location simultaneously
  • Software solutions to identify patterns of ‘employee’ theft and collusion
  • Business Intelligence solutions providing retailers with real time operational information on store performance
  • Item level intelligence RFID provides retailers with the ability to accurately track inventory through a store


  • High integrity technology from the world’s leading provider of electronic security solutions.
  • Global coverage offering consistent service delivery.
  • Product and service offerings which suit the needs of small retailers to those with the largest multi aisle formats.

ADT’s Business Intelligence offerings give retailers the ability to:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve checkout productivity
  • Drive incremental revenues through reduction in ‘out of stock’ items
  • Increase profitability
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Achieve greater utilisation of asset

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