Loss of High of Value Assets

Most multi-site retailers have high value goods in stock which need protecting as well as  equipment and machinery that are vital for the smooth running of your store operations. ADT can provide you with a sophisticated fire and security solution that is targeted to give you extra protection where it matters. Our systems can help to safeguard your most valuable assets 24 hours a day. This includes implementing measures to secure high value goods with effective product protection that do not impact on the customer experience, to protecting assets in the back of store from theft, criminal damage or fire.

Loss of high value assets

The Business Impact

When a store’s high value assets are stolen or damaged it can have a dramatic effect on profits. As well as the cost of repairing or replacing expensive pieces of technology, the time spent sourcing and installing new equipment can result in the loss of customers and profits.

ADT's Solutions to the Loss of High Value Assets

Whatever the retail environment, ADT has the answers you need. Our experienced consultants are ready to assess the specific risks faced by your high value assets and build an integrated solution to monitor and manage them, combining proven techniques with cutting edge technology. 

Restrict access to sensitive areas, and effectively manage employee movements

Video surveillance gives you the ability to quickly and easily view events in multiple areas of your facility

Tag valuable portable equipment, to enable quick and easy automatic identification

Don’t let a fire ruin your business, detect and target it at its very earliest stage and help save lives

EAS – Sensormatic EAS technology deters and detects theft while allowing customers to browse through openly displayed goods.

Protect your facility from robbery and vandalism, and quickly identify genuine incidents of unauthorised entry

Be prepared for emergencies with the help of our monitoring solutions and trained professionals 24 hours a day

Service and maintenance available 24 hours to help keep your system in top condition when you need it most.

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"In the last year nearly 66% of businesses have been victims of crime."