Intruder and Burglary

ADT’s intruder detection and burglary protection systems help ensure that your people, property and assets are protected 24 hours a day from unwelcome intruders.  Our systems provide a crucial deterrent to burglars and an assured response when it is required.  They can be integrated to match your specific business needs, giving you the flexibility to enable secure out of hours working and deliveries, as well as the capability to manage your staff, patients and visitors movements for a building or a number of locations through one interface

Burglar entering a building

The Impact

Theft and vandalism continue to have a serious effect on healthcare establishments. As well as the loss of goods, IT/medical equipment and damage to property, these crimes often involve the loss of critical information and a costly disruption to your operations.  The psychological impact of an intruder can affect the confidence of both your staff and patients and the community as a whole.

ADT's Solutions to Intruder and Burglary

Whether you need external intruder detection, improved building security, or want to safeguard key internal areas, ADT has the answers you need.  Our experienced consultants will assess the particular risks your establishment faces and build an integrated solution to meet them, combining proven techniques with cutting edge technology.


Protect your property from robbery and vandalism, and identify genuine incidents of unauthorised entry

Video surveillance gives you the ability to quickly and easily view events in multiple areas of your site

Restrict access to sensitive areas, and effectively manage employee movements


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"In the last year nearly 66% of businesses have been victims of crime."