Staff and Prisoners Safety

There are thousands of prisoner on prisoner assaults as well as attackes on prison officers, not to mention the incidents of self-injury.  Garda stations also share many of these types of acts of anti-social behaviour.  When a dangerous situation occurs you need to be able to respond quickly.  ADT’s security solutions can give you an early warning of imminent incidents and the tools you need to react to events swiftly and effectively 

Employee safety

The Impact

Failing to protect your staff, visitors and detainees can have major implications for your organisation. Our country’s police and prisons have a duty of care which means they are required to take appropriate measures to minimise the risk not only to staff but the people in their care.

ADT's Solutions for Staff and Detainees

Whether you want to quickly identify and pinpoint fire or imminent cases of assault, ADT has the answers you need.  Our experienced consultants are ready to assess the risks faced by your establishment and build an integrated solution to proactively monitor and manage them, combining proven techniques with cutting edge technology.

Video surveillance gives you the ability to quickly and easily view events in multiple areas of your facility

Manage the challenging task of communication between staff and detainees with our cell call systems..

Affray alarms and general alarms systems provide a reliable communication solution for officers.

Relay calls for officers with clear audible instructions

Restrict access to sensitive areas, and effectively manage staff, visitors or detainees movement.

Service and maintenance available 24 hours to help keep your system in top condition for when you need it most.

Don’t let a fire undermine the security of your establishment, detect and target it at its very earliest stage

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