Cell Call

The ADT Cell Call and Affray Alarm Systems are a complete solution designed to meet the requirements of the latest prison service and home office specifications.  All units feature stainless steel front panels with vandal resistant buttons and non-removable LED indicators.  Equipment is supplied with stainless steel tamper resistant fixings to prevent unauthorised access.

Cell Call - Prison

How Does it Work?

The Cell Call System includes historic system event recording, with all system activity logged, together with the date and time. All cell call and reset plates are constructed from stainless steel and feature tamper resistant fixings. In-cell plates are tamper-monitored to prevent unauthorised access or tampering and the system is continuously monitored for cable faults, system operation and power failure.
There is a wide range of cell and reset plates available to include cell light switching, cell power switching and officer emergency call generation. Upgrading traditional systems to the new cell call standard is straightforward, since the corridor reset units are fully compatible with traditional in-cell units. Indeed, many establishments have upgraded to the ADT cell call system by simply replacing the corridor reset unit – without requiring access within the cells.



Standard data Logging. All system events are recorded on a PC or printer.

Cell call telephony allows for external calls to be routed to cells

Individual call identification instantly sounds and displays individual calling locations

Affray Alarm allows members of staff to generate affray calls via infra red trigger or panic strips and buttons

Multi Level Alarms distinguish calls and priorities of alarms

Indicator panels uses zone lamps to indicate calling area

Audio Intercoms allow two way audio between the cells and custody desk / office

Can be fully integrated with security systems and CCTV

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