Staff and Student Safety

Students, pupils and staff are all at risk of assault.  Bullying is also another key area of concern.

ADT’s staff and students safety solutions can give you an early warning of imminent incidents, as well as the tools you need to react to events of assaults and bullying swiftly and effectively, giving your staff and students outstanding protection and an enhanced peace of mind. 

Employee safety

The Impact

Legislation for health and safety at work says employers have a duty of care to employees and can be held liable if staff are injured in foreseeable circumstances.  Local authorities are facing compensation claims running into millions of euors for violent and disruptive pupils who assault teachers and their classmates.  As well as the risk to your staff and pupils/students, and the risk of prosecution, the inability to safeguard your staff could badly damage confidence in your educational establishment. 

ADT's Solutions for Staff and Student Safety

Whether you want to quickly identify potential crime areas or cases of bullying and assaults, ADT has the answers you need. Our experienced consultants are ready to assess the risks faced by your organisation and build an integrated solution to proactively monitor and manage them, combining proven techniques with cutting edge technology


Video surveillance gives you the ability to quickly and easily view events in multiple areas of your campus.  Use CCTV as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour

Ensure legitimate access and circulation within a building and control the risk of unauthorised entry.


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