Intruder Detection

ADT's world-class intruder detection solutions are designed to help protect people and property.

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Breadth of Solutions

  • Fast Alarm Response 24/7

    ADT Alarm Monitoring Centres offer fast alarm response to burglar alarms, fire alarms and other critical conditions such as carbon monoxide, freezing temperature or flooding. Our Alarm Monitoring Centres are staffed by trained professionals, using state-of the-art monitoring technology.

  • Burglar Alarm Monitoring

    Whether you are at your facility or away, our Alarm Monitoring Centres operate 24/7 to receive your alarm signal in the event of an intruder detected. ADT's highly-trained monitoring professionals respond immediately with the appropriate actions.

  • Internal Protection

    ADT's sensors and video cameras helps protect specific areas inside a building such as storage rooms, computer and server rooms, executive offices, entrances to warehouses, etc.

  • Perimeter Protection

    ADT solutions help protect a facility from unauthorised entry using a variety of sensors placed on outdoor windows, doors, and gates. Signals received from any sensor are sent as an alarm to one of our Alarm Monitoring Centres where trained professionals will respond immediately with the appropriate actions.

  • Asset and Property Protection

    ADT solutions help protect items of high value inside a facility that may be targeted by an intruder. This includes high value merchandise, computer equipment, safes and vaults as well as confidential materials.

  • Personal Attack Monitoring

    Staff safety is paramount for any organisation and ADT provides a personal attack system which can be activated in an event of an attack or threatening behaviour. The staff at one of our Alarm Monitoring Centre will then respond immediately with the appropriate actions.

  • Integrated Intruder Detection Solutions

    ADT's unique System Integration Group provide integrated solutions for intruder detection with video surveillance and access control solutions as well as fire and life safety systems to ensure your premises are protected from such perils as burglary, fire damage and inventory shrinkage.

  • High Security Signalling Path Monitoring

    ADT provides Grade 4 dual path alarm monitoring systems that will signal an alarm upon activation or when the telephone line has been cut. A variety of signalling paths can be provided including GPRS, PSTN, GSM & IP as well as 24-hour 2-way monitoring.

  • Anti Theft Fog Systems

    ADT provide a variety of anti-theft fog solutions which are designed to provide the most appropriate and applicable intruder deterrent. Fog when released into a specific area is a very physical deterrent to an intruder.

From Basic Solutions

  • A school using sensors at its doors to protect against intruders gaining entry from outside
  • Motion detection devices for interior protection of a office
  • Magnetic sensors to safeguard prescription drugs in a pharmaceutical cabinet

To Complex Solutions

  • Glass break detectors protecting the most vulnerable windows
  • The latest wireless sensor technology to help protect staff and students
  • Vibration detectors to help protect safes containing sensitive records


  • Helps protect staff and students from the risks of a break-in
  • Helps protect premises and valuables from robbery
  • Helps detect unauthorised entry
  • Reduces replacemnt costs

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