CCTV & Video Surveillance

Many of the Ireland's educational establishments rely on ADT as their single-source partner for integrated electronic security systems and the security industry's leading 24/7 monitoring services.

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Breadth of Solutions

  • Fast Alarm Response 24/7

    Our Alarm Monitoring Centres offer fast alarm response to burglar and fire alarms and other critical conditions. With video surveillance solutions our centres also perform remote video guard tours and video verification services.

  • Digital Video Management and Storage Solutions

    ADT offers solutions for all digital video recording and video data storage needs. The solutions are configurable and offer motion detection for specified areas and smart search capabilities to increase the effectiveness of the CCTV system.

  • Integrated Video Surveillance

    ADT can help customers manage and integrate Internet Protocol (IP) video solutions. Advanced technology in video surveillance with burglary detection and access control provides a complete security solution utilising IP technology.

  • Visual Alarm Verification

    Our visual verification of an alarm combines the images from the cameras with the burglary event; and sends live video to an ADT Alarm Monitoring Centre for burglary verification.

  • CCTV and Video Surveillance

    CCTV and video surveillance systems have become an accepted security tool to help reduce crime, protect people, public spaces and property.

  • Video Analytics

    Video Analytics can be added to a CCTV system to look for specific patterns of behaviour or events and then alert the user. Human intruder, object removed or left and car stationary are some of the events that can cause an alert.

  • Remote Video Monitoring

    ADT solutions include 24/7 monitoring of a customers motion activated CCTV system. When CCTV images are received at our Alarm Monitoring Centre, operators analyse them takes the appropriate action.

  • On-site Video Monitoring

    ADT offers an optional 24-hour on-site monitoring service manned by accredited ADT CCTV technicians who are trained specifically for your unique video solution.

  • Public Safety Surveillance Networks

    ADT offers customise-set up of wireless video surveillance cameras and mesh networks providing video surveillance over a large perimeter such as a university campus and car parks.

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition - ANPR

    ADT's ANPR can increase security and efficiency at your site as it reads and records number plates to help understand traffic patterns, identify visitors and control access where required.

From Basic Solutions

  • Basic video surveillance systems for a small school to monitor approaching visitors
  • Video cameras monitoring building perimeters and areas such as car parks
  • Remote video auditing of remote areas to ensure safety compliance

To Complex Solutions

  • Advanced IP cameras on IT networks to help deter intruders and document suspicious activities in multiple locations
  • Video surveillance systems which automatically trigger alerts based on motion detection by programmable cameras in critical facilities


  • Deter theft
  • Discourage workplace violence
  • Help protect staff and students
    • Results in cost-effective integrated security platforms leveraging the latest technologies
    • Save costs through remote viewing of live or recorded surveillance video
    • Save time with intelligent video surveillance search tools

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