Are you moving home?

If you are planning to move home, it makes sense to start planning your security protection in your new home as early as possible – this helps ensures you are safe and secure from day one.

ADT are here to help make your life easier.  We offer a Free Movers Fire and Security Survey and we can visit your new home and advise you on your security requirements.  Even if your new home already has a fire and security system installed, you can still take advantage of the ADT service and maintenance benefits.

Moving Home

Are you an existing ADT customer?

If you currently enjoy ADT protection, get in contact with us as soon as you know you are moving. 

We will help advise you on getting your system prepared for your move.  We will also provide advice and assistance to ensure you are protected in your new premises. Call us today on the number above or complete our online form.

Interested in ADT protection for your new home?

It always pays to speak to ADT.  We can help advise you on securing your new home by providing a FREE fire and security survey.  We review any existing equipment already installed and offer advice on extending the system to best suit your needs.
If you are happy with the system installed, why not speak to us about our maintenance and monitoring services.  ADT offer nationwide protection and we are available 24/7 meaning your business is in safe hands.

Call us today on the number above or complete our online form.


Activate an Existing ADT Alarm

Have you just moved into a new home containing an ADT fire or security system?
The great news for you is that the system should be easy for us to re-connect so you can be secure and protected soon.
Arrange an appointment with one of our local security consultants and we can check your system is in working condition and get you up and running as soon as possible. 
Call us today on the number above or complete our online form.


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