Benefits of a Monitored Fire and Security System

By having a monitored fire and security system you are ensuring that your property and assets are watched over 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  This includes the monitoring of intruder, personal attack and fire alarms as well as building management systems.


What is an ADT Monitored Security System?

ADT monitored security systems are connected to our central Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC).  When an alarm is activated, our operators in the ARC are alerted and can notify the appropriate emergency services in the event of an emergency such as a burglary, a fire or a personal attack. 

Police forces will not respond to a ringing bell or siren unless there is evidence of an offence in progress or a 999 call is made with information about an offence being commited.  A monitored alarm can provide a confirmed signal to pass to the emergency services – often a requirement of your insurers.

Keyholders for the protected building will also be notified, keyholders can include building managers or keyholding response companies who can ensure that the premise is secure after an incident and take any actions required quickly to minimise impact on your business.

Qualifying for An Garda SíochánaResponse
Following the latest guidelines issued by the An Garda Síochána Intruder Alarm Policy visit website, the An Garda Síochánawill not attend alarms from non-monitored systems unless there's also first hand evidence of a crime, whether from a owner or a member of the public phoning in.
The An Garda Síochána will attend an alarm signal routed via the ADT Alarm Receiving Centre, from a monitored alarm that qualifies for An Garda Síochána Response.

Intruder Monitoring

Simply detecting an intruder and operating local sounders (bells or sirens) at the building is not enough, help should be summoned without delay.  Traditional bell-only alarms may alert staff or passers by, but outside business hours they offer little protection.  An alarm connected to a monitoring service operating 24hours a day, 365 days a year and manned by trained security proffesionals is the answer.

ADT provide 24/365 monitoring by skilled operators in our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) quickly confirming alarms and notifying police, keyholders or service engineers.  ADT’s advanced systems minimise false alarms and avoids the risk of losing police response.


CCTV Monitoring

ADT's dedicated CCTV remote monitoring centre responds to CCTV system activations 24 hours a day, all year round. ADT utilises the latest digital CCTV technology to ensure your building and property remain secure.  Whilst CCTV systems are an effective crime deterrent and can provide recorded video footage for post event analysis or evidence, the benefit to your business is enhanced through real time remote monitoring of your CCTV system – providing extra eyes during an event and response through live audio challenge to would be intruders as well as recording the situation.
A remote monitored CCTV can not only detect intruders, but our skilled analysts are able to differentiate between false and real activations, reducing the number of potential false call outs and can act accordingly to the information received.  By viewing live feeds from your CCTV system, we can use our approved links to identifying incidents as they happen.  Our trained analysts can liaise quickly and efficiently with the police and have a proven record of supporting successful arrests and prosecutions.
When intelligently linked with remote monitoring, CCTV can also prevent crime, with our full audio facilities, which enables our analysts to give warnings to potential attackers or assistance to staff, customers and other visitors to the site


Fire Monitoring

Fire is a serious danger to the ongoing survival of any business – over 80% of single site businesses cease trading within 18 months of being subject to a fire.  For any business having reliable and effective fire detection is essential.  Most fires start in the small hours when buildings are unattended. Having reliable automatic detection linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre is the only way to ensure a fire brigade response
Our fire monitoring services saves lives by enabling fast alerts for the emergency services. As soon as signs of fire are detected a signal is transmitted to the ADT Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and the local fire service alerted along with keyholders.


Benefits of a Monitored Security System

Rapid response

Minimises the impact on business

Advance technology and expert human interpretation

Minimises false alarms and preserves Garda respose support

Multi system monitoring - intruder alarms, CCTV and fire

Direct intervention to prevent crime

24 hours 365 days a year Monitoring

Watching over your business even when you are not there

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